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Window Replacement

When it comes to replacing windows on your home, we at Upgrade my home choose to specialize in only climate specific replacement windows. This is important if you are looking for windows that will be extremely energy efficient and Durable. The Gulf Coast climate is extreme and will eat up any industry standard products you put on the outside of your home. Our windows are manufactured locally in Houston, so you can be assured you are getting southern climate windows directly from the source.

Hurricane windows
All of our windows, at a minimum, are Texas department of insurance approved for wind pressure. This approval is needed if you live in any of the coastal counties. We also have Hurricane projectile missile impact rated windows. Our impact windows have heavy-duty laminated glass, which prevents flying wind-borne debris from penetrating and entering your home. There are other benefits to having laminated glass, such as security (invisible burglar bars), sound blockage, and reducing damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Frame types
We offer Climate specific vinyl replacement windows that are able to withstand the test of time in our brutal climates. Climate-specific vinyl is perfect for our climate due to its extremely low maintenance and efficiency. All vinyl is not created equal. Most of the industry offers inferior grade vinyl that will warp, crack, and discolor within the first 5 years of being installed in our extreme climates. Our vinyl is also far more superior than any of the composite windows that the overpriced high-end window companies are selling. To date, there is no such thing as a hurricane-rated composite window on the market. The only reason why the high-end composite window companies are successful at selling their overpriced windows is that most of the industry is selling inferior grade vinyl which is destroying the perception of vinyl windows altogether.

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